Saturday, September 19, 2015

Scene Unseen

The dense aroma of abundant perfume
saturated the atmosphere of the room,
where He was seated, and worshiped.
Tears and messy hair rolled over His feet.

Questions permeated the minds of those who
could not see. Why this, why here and now?
For blinded eyes see not the glory of the flesh covered
God.  No, fleshy eyes cannot behold such spiritual majesty.

Yet in great contrast evident even to the blind,
in passionate adoration she was inclined to bow
before the eternal and incarnate One.
For her eyes had been opened; she beheld the Son.

Sometimes sight is contagious
when the blind are made to see.
Yet often 'tis thought outrageous
by those still blinded. Oh the travesty.

Yet had that worshipful scene
been deeply grasped, by eyes washed clean.
There would not have been only one 
bowed before Him in awful adoration.

- A. B. Seal


Steve Finnell said...

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mwh said...

I appreciated this poem.

Unbreakable Joy said...

Thanks MWH