Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dazed & Confused

Today while at work I was speaking with an officer that I encounter on a fairly regular basis. This officer was showing off his video ipod type gadget. He showed me his family photos and then a brief part of a video of a popular pastor of a very large church with televised services. In vain I attempted to restrain my discontent with this famous tele-preacher. The officer questioned my disdain. I paused, doubting that he was legitimately seeking information, due to his unusual combination of excessive worldliness and verbal Christianity.

The officer then asked well who do you like? Again, I declined an answer for the same reason, pondering an appropriate reply. A few moments later this officer attempted to show me some pornographic video on his new-fangled gadget. I declined his offer and thought to myself this is a perfect example of why I do not approve of nor listen to this highly popular tele-personality who carries a Bible.

Because of the twice-fatal disease of sin, with which I am affected, I am in need of much stronger medicine than that which he prescribes. I need the nourishment of healthy meals not a candy-coated haze of nothingness.

I would like an opportunity to discuss further with this officer, however, it seems that this was a case of sometimes discretion is the better part of valor. I do anticipate further discussion with him.

How unfortunate that so many choose to nibble at the ever so dainty appetizers, and forsake the lavish and abundantly satisfying feasts at the table of God's Word.

Oh the travesty that so very many miss out on enjoying the value of the treasure hidden in the field. Truly it is a hidden treasure. May I/we endeavor to bring our acquaintances to see this great and priceless treasure for who He is.

Bread crumbs or the Bread of Life.
Dainty morsels or something that satisfies.
Broken cisterns or the Fountain of Living Waters.


mwh said...

It's so frustrating to know these people aren't really interested in listening, and yet they make it out like you're the uncivil one. This things are so frustrating.

Sarah said...

In my experience of going to churches, breadcrums are all I find. When you are starving, you'll eat anything. It isn't that I should look for a new church; I've been to hundreds. I'll take a pile full of crums over nothing at all, but I'd really like a meal. Do any of us know how to live in the fullness?

Unbreakable Joy & Hope Incurable said...


I've found a lot of bread crumbs at a lot of different churchs as well, however, I have found a few places where more hearty meals are served regulary. Here are a few:

www.DesiringGod.org - there is a 25+ year resource of teaching / preaching / articles / poetry /Q&A at this site. To miss out on this ministry is to miss out on a feast for your soul.

Our pastor is a great preacher, someone said of him listening to his sermons is like trying to drink from a fire hydrant (in a good way). Much of the Word of God, much information, much meat, much nourishment. An abundance of great audio messages at www.fulkersonpark.com

I'll send you more later.

- Ben