Saturday, January 5, 2008

Clouds & Glory

When covered under clouds divine
And up this mountain you would climb
Do not fear the arrows by day
And do turn from off of your way

Place not your hope in the things that are here
But trust only in God and He’ll keep you near
True life is His and He’ll give it to you
If you would repent and ask to be new

Clouds of darkness last not forever
Pursue your God and let Him be your treasure
Taste not from the cup of this worldliness
Drink only of Him and He’ll be your happiness

Until that great and glorious day
When you would hear your dear Master say
Well done My good and faithful friend
Enter the joy of your Master, it shall never end

A.B. Seal


mwh said...

Are all these poems new, or things you had written previously? Most people have dabbled at writing a poem or two at some point, but most not as extensively as you. Thanks for sharing them. I enjoy them.

Unbreakable Joy said...

These are new. I've had an increased interest in poetry lately and have felt somewhat inspired.