Monday, February 11, 2008


We just completed our taxes with CompleteTax. This is the first time we have done our taxes on our own. It was quick, easier than expected, and much cheaper than paying somebody like H&R Block or an accountant. Total cost $45, which included having both our our state and federal taxes e-filed.

I wish I would have found out about CompleteTax sooner.


mwh said...

For those who haven't filed:

At the mandate of congress, the IRS has set up for FREE tax preparation for a large chunk of the population. You can find out about it here or by just going to For the past three years I've filed our federal taxes through H&R Block for free. I do my state taxes through a similar program found on the State Department of Revenue website; it's cost me a $1.50 to pay online.

Amanda said...

After filing our own taxes for the past four years, we decided to let an accountant move into our house!