Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Fountain or cisterns

Temptations are merely lies we believe
Those inviting pleasures that do deceive
And promise fulfilling happiness and gain
But in the end deliver emptiness and pain
How sad that we such things would choose
And by so doing greater pleasures lose
Ours is great foolishness for doing so
We chase these broken cisterns though we know
They’re only little thimble-fulls of pleasure
Though our hearts can contain that which can never be measured

These sins are our attempted band-aids upon the gaping wound
Of our hearts deepest of desires and would we still presume
That in the end it’ll be alright
If only we do as we wish tonight
Our foolish hopes rest on foolish acts
But seldom would we consider the facts
That our lives on slender threads are hung
And we may not know until funeral songs are sung
How devastating is this our sin
And the tragedy of the treasonous state we’re in

Oh to behold the worth of Him
That we may see by lights not dim
The glories of our God divine
The great Treasure to be forever mined
Why drink from broken cisterns here
When He is so good and forever near
Why choose rather the dross and dirt
And why with serpents would you flirt
They may promise joy and peace
Yet at end their pain will not cease

Why gain the whole world and forfeit your soul
When you could have Him, who would make you whole
Come to Jesus and behold His glory
Open His book and hear that great story
Of the God who gave His perfect Son
So that on the cross He would say it is done
The way to God He made forever clear
And He may give you ears to hear
His words of Life and His mercy dear
Which through His justice has now appeared
Choose this day whom you will serve
For He’s infinitely more than we’ll ever deserve

- A. B. Seal

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