Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Jesus Storybook Bible

I recently purchased The Jesus Storybook Bible at the Desiring God conference. I have since been reading a story a day to my daughter. She loves it! It is very Christ-centered and the illustrations are great.

Finally a book that I feel will be a great link between my daughter and I. She is learning about God and the Scriptures and we are enjoying this daddy-daughter time.

This book came highly recommended and now I too would gladly recommend it as a wonderful resource for children.

I remember hearing Gregg Harris (father of Josh Harris & 4 other sons), while at the DG conference, he said he has two pieces of advice for parents: 1) Get a life & 2) Get your children involved in your life. Hopefully that advice will stick with me. I am finding this book a great way to get my daughter involved in my life, to get involved in her life, and to have a time together to focus upon God.


mwh said...

That's an interesting comment by Gregg Harris. What do you think he means by his advice to parents to "Get a life." Do you take that to mean he's advising parents against becoming so wrapped up in being a "parent" that they have no life/involvement outside the four walls of the house? Maybe he means something else? How did you understand it?

Unbreakable Joy said...

He said he and is family haven't had a tv for 30 years. I think his comment to get a life was to get away from waste such as the tv - and then to get your children involved in life with you.

mwh said...

Hmmm....thanks for clarifying. I guess I'm used to people using that expression to mean something like "Have a social life." Thanks for the correction.