Friday, May 2, 2008


How can I fear
Though all around me here
Are enemies and snares
Fear? When there's the God who cares?

When light and momentary trials
Would threaten to undo
When the world troubles and rials
There's none who can remove you
From His strong and mighty hand
For His will only is done
That on your heart might be this brand
To fear only Him - yes He is the only One
Who holds the keys to death and the grave
This same One who loves and died that He would save

You see there's no reason to fear
When the One who created all is near
For "if God is for us
who could be against us"

You have no greater strength on earth
Than this One who loves you so
And nothing will ever compare in worth
With Him, this all too will eventually know...

- A. B. Seal

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