Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Uniquely Gifted

Have you ever been moved by art? Has a picture ever caught your eye? Have you been blown away by a sculpture standing majestically and thought how could somebody make that? I experience these things often, especially when I encounter work like that accomplished by my cousin Sarah Hempel Irani.

She is truly blessed with a very unique gift. I simply cannot imagine ever being able to complete such work. What a treasure it is that God has given us such gifted artists.

God's glory is seen and experienced in ways that are often hard to put into words. It seems to me these artistic displays are a tremendous example that God often speaks powerful messages to us without using words.

All creation displays His glory, even the creativity of His created ones. Isn't it wonderful that God designed creative people and gifted people. With so vast an array of creativity displayed throughout creation how could anyone perceive our God to be anything but magnificent.

If you too are one of those who loves to experience gifted artwork check out her website. You may also want to check out her studio blog or her personal blog.


Semi said...
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mwh said...

Wow! These are amazing!

Sarah said...

Thanks so much for such kind words, dear cousin! You know, I've always felt left out during worship time at church because I cannot sing. I've come to the place over the years where I can worship our God with the very gifts he's given me. (I do still sing, but it is hard for me to follow the music!)

Amanda said...

When I was a junior in college I spent a semester at Messiah's satellite campus in Philadelphia, taking classes at both Messiah and Temple. Most Sundays (instead of going to church) my roommates and I would go to the Philly Museum of Art. It had free admission every Sunday morning. We'd spend hours walking around. It was awesome. :)