Friday, June 20, 2008

Reflections of Light

As a child may gaze upon the moon light
And presume it to have some luminescence of it’s own
So often we fail to trace the glowing beams to their highest height
And give honor to the greatest Light that the world has ever known

As the moon reflects the light of the sun
And does not otherwise have any light of it’s own
So Your people reflect the great light from the Son
And would otherwise remain in the deepest darkness ever known

And when Your light shines upon those You have made
Grant us eyes to see there’s naught in us but darkest shade
For it is not Your people whose glory shines so bright
Rather, it is You who dwell in unapproachable light

Oh Lord, one more request we would bring
That You might unleash the great light of Your face
For when we, back to You, the glowing beams trace
We cannot help but to sing and to rejoice in Your grace

A. B. Seal

1 comment:

mwh said...

It's like Brian was saying yesterday, about us being transformed/transfigured by looking upon Christ.

Thanks for the poem.