Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What's in a Name?

Jeers and taunts came your way
Everywhere you went day after day
Sabbath healings brought their hate
Under our burden You carried the weight
Surely You are the Lamb of God

John pointed the way to You
Every knee will bow, not only a few
Saving mercy flows from Thee
Unto sinners just like me
Savior we love You and praise You

Jet black hair with fiery eyes
Earnestness and majesty in His every word
Searing love that willingly dies
Upon the cross, such love has never been heard
Savior and King, the Lamb who was slain

Jealously loving Your people to You
Ever merciful and more just than we're shown
Spirit and flesh, God though man too
Unconditional love for those You have known
Servant though King it's Your praises we sing


What does this name mean to you?
For some it is the greatest of treasures.
For others it's used to curse at their pleasure.
To me this name is much more costly than gold.
You can turn to Him too, or would you stay out in the cold?

- A. B. Seal

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