Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"At the cross You beckon me"

When was the last time you meditated on what happened at the cross? When did you last consider what Jesus suffered and accomplished?

I was helped much today by thinking on this as I read of the death of Christ in Driscoll's book entitled, Death by Love.

The below music video is another excellent way to focus on Christ and his work at the cross. It seems that eternity will very likely reveal this event to be the focal point of the history of this world. Christ's message and work are overflowing from the lyrics of this truth saturated song.


Amanda said...

I really like this song. It's one of the few that I'll stop and listen to. :)

mwh said...

What's "Death by Love" about?

Unbreakable Joy said...

I think the subtitles of the chapters would explain it well:

1 Jesus is Katie's Christus Victor

2 Jesus is Thomas's Redemption

3 Jesus is Luke's New Covenant Sacrifice

4 Jesus is David's Gift Righteousness

5 Jesus is John's Justification

6 Jesus is Bill's Propitiation

7 Jesus is Mary's Expiation

8 Jesus is Gideon's Unlimited Limited Atonement

9 Jesus is Hank's Ransom

10 Jesus is Caleb's Christus Exemplar

11 Jesus is Kurt's Reconcilliation

12 Jesus is Susan's Revelation

Basically it's letters to people about these issues, with an obvious Christ-centeredness and cross focus.

mwh said...

Wow, what a response. This seems like a really cool format, speaking the Gospel into the context of specific peoples lives.

Thanks for answering.