Sunday, November 16, 2008

Grace in the Midst of a Storm

Today the Michiana area had it's first battle with the coming winter. Niles sustained a few inches of snow before I got off work at 11pm.

At about 9:30pm, after just handling a minor weather related traffic accident, I responded to the scene of a vehicle in the ditch on US12. My patrol car was parked on the shoulder of US12 with the emergency lights activated as I awaited a tow truck to remove the stranded vehicle. As I walked back to my patrol car I opened the driver side door and looked up to see a vehicle sliding out of control towards me. With no time to go anywhere else I jumped up and stood on the floorboard of my car and pressed against the car as tightly as possible. The sliding vehicle quickly brushed by me and smacked into my open door, pealing it backwards. Photos may follow later.

Needless to say the two motorists who lost control of their vehicles received citations for this lack of control. Contrary to popular opinion, poor weather conditions are not excuses for losing control of one's vehicle. Rather the loss of control is evidence of the fact that one was going too fast for the weather conditions. For some reason people find this unreasonable? The man who was stranded in the ditch, and who watched as I was nearly hit, questioned the receiving of such a citation as he cited the fact that the road was snowy and slippery. My reply, "Exactly, all the more reason to drive with much caution and with reduced speeds in order to maintain control of your vehicle."

As providence would have it the lady who almost hit me was driving on a suspended license. An interesting coincidence with the last time I was almost hit. 2 years ago again in the midst of a snow storm on I-94 a suspended driver of a semi-truck lost control of the truck and came within feet of striking my parked patrol car as it crashed into the median and into a vehicle I had stopped to assist.

Again I'm reminded of tremendous and sovereign grace. A matter of a few inches could have resulted in significantly different results. There is One who draws the lines between protection and devastation. Today, again, I'm glad to have been on this side of that line. There may come a time when I may be on the other side of that line, and if that time ever comes, this same One will have drawn that line, for He alone draws such lines.

Psalm 68:20 (NIV)
Our God is a God who saves; from the Sovereign LORD comes escape from death.


Amanda said...

Thank God you are ok.

This reminds me of my first time really driving in snow. I'd just moved out here and the school I worked in hadn't (gasp!) closed due to inclement weather. I drove home in about 6 inches, on the bypass going no faster than 25/30 mph. I had a whole train of cars behind me. I was terrified. But I got home safely. I only slid a bit in my apartment complex; I think I was just so happy to be home and safe. :)

lisatatj said...

SO thankful for God's protection! We were out last nite and had to go so slow...while frustrating, I agree that it must be done to remain in control! glad for the reminder ;)

mwh said...

I'm sitting here in my lab, floored! I'm so glad you are okay; quick response.

I hope it didn't shake your wife up too much.

Praise the LORD!!!

Dorothy said...

I am glad you were on this side of His line last night! What a reminder of His sovereignty!

Brian G. Hedges said...

I'm glad you're okay, brother!

"Maribelle" aka marybeth said...

As your mother, having witnessed the strong arm of the Lord in your life; I give Him all the praise and glory..I thank you for serving the public; for your courage, and for just being you.