Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Injustice of Neglect

When weapons of war are everywhere,
Why in this battle are they neglected?
Forgotten Scripture, and abandoned access to the Throne - from anywhere,
Teamwork with fellow soldiers not taught nor respected

Wasted access to an abundance of Christ-centered preaching
An overlooked profusion of books full of God-glorifying teaching
Friends with phone numbers unused
And liberty for entertainment abused

Means of grace all strewn around
The battlefield radio left upon a shelf
Unused and unconsidered mercies abound
As many succumb to a myopic focus upon self

This life is War!
We battle with that great whore
Of self, the world, and the enemy
Who, in the midst of war, neglects such a vast array of weaponry?

Why all the mess?
Why all this neglect?
When Christ has so blessed,
And when He deserves the utmost respect

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