Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Storm's Hope

Oh Lord I trust in You
You are my hope and my delight
Because of You I will rest peacefully in the midst of the storm

Though rivers may overflow
And hurricane force winds scream
I will take refuge in You my fortress

Though the treasures of the peoples lose their value
And the hearts of the peoples sink for lack of hope
I will not be shaken for You are my greatest treasure

Though the earth may tremble
And shake at it's fault lines
You are my Rock and my Foundation

Though society may rage
And though the peoples despair
I will not fear for You are my God

You have delivered You're people from the flames
You have saved in the heat of battle
Arrows cannot be let loose without Your permission

You have shut the mouths of lions
You have made a path through the midst of the sea
You have quenched the fury of the flames

You have said all things work out for the good of those who love You
And if You are for us who could be against us
And You have promised to never leave us

- A. B. Seal

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