Monday, December 22, 2008

100 Car Pileup

Many motorists traveling in Michigan on I-94 took part in a 100 car disaster which claimed the life of one man and injured others. South Bend News Station WNDU covered the story here.

This horrible crash occurred in the post area I recently transferred from. Working a different shift and in another post area I did not have to respond to this incident. It is a tremendous grace that many more people were not hurt.


mwh said...

My uncle and aunt had just got off 94 before the shut it down, coming across 12. They were involved in an accident that resulted in their front wheel being ripped off. I was thinking about you when they told me the story (of both 12 and 94), and rejoicing that the LORD transferred you away!


cgl said...

It was the most incredible accident I have ever seen in my entire life. We passed the accident (almost getting into an accident avoiding the cars going eastbound gawking) soon after it happened as there were no police yet on the scene.

cgl said...

Another thing... do you give tickets to everyone with front end damage?

John said...

That looks and sounds terrible.