Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Piper Poem

The Christian Hedonist Takes A Wife

Our God has made another way
To put his glory on display.
His goodness shines with brightest rays
when we delight in all his ways.
His glory overflows its rim
When we are satisfied in him.
His radiance will fill the earth
When people revel in his worth.
The beauty of God's holy fire
Burns brightest in the heart's desire.

I am a Christian Hedonist
Because I know that if I kissed
My wife simply because it's right,
And not because it's my delight,
It would not honor her so well.
With pleasures I will praise Noel,
And I will magnify my wife
By making her my joy in life.

So may this blazing, God-like flame
Ignite in us for his great name
A holy passion, zeal and fire
That magnify him with desire.
I hail him as my joy in life,
And take from his pure hand my wife.

- John Piper, Velvet Steel

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