Thursday, February 12, 2009

Conversion After Conviction

"And we, who used to find our rest in ourselves, yearn for the Lord. And also, on the other hand, although our iniquity deserves something quite different, this merciful Father, in his incredible goodness, then voluntarily reveals himself to us who are thus afflicted and terror-stricken. And by such means, which he knows to be helpful to us in our weakness, he calls us back from error to the right road, from death to life, from ruin to salvation, from the realm of the devil to his own realm.

To all those whom he pleases to reestablish as heirs to eternal life the Lord has ordained, as a first step, that they should be distressed in their conscience, bend beneath the weight of their sins, and moved to live in his fear. To begin with, therefore, he sets out his Law, which is what brings us to this state."

- John Calvin, Truth For All Time

1 comment:

Steve Spray said...

I like the phrase "bend beneath the weight of their sins".

I think the bending is so very important.