Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Heart-Breaking Reflection

Heartbreak permeates the chapter of Genesis 3 as we behold the deception that leads to devastating disobedience. Eve believes the illusion that something else could be more satisfying than a relationship with the Living God. Her husband falls next in line as he too partakes in massive disobedience.

The tremendous grief here comes not only from beholding the fall of Adam and Eve, but in their fall, beholding our own countless falls. Sure it is easy to monday-morning-quarterback these two who blew it so many years ago and imagine that we would never do such things. But such imaginations are just that, for we all have partaken of many such massive disobediences, one of which is enough to condemn us to an eternity separated from God.

Somebody once said, "A sin against the infinite God is an infinite sin and so deserves an infinite punishment." This is what we are all guilty of, and not just once but more times than we are even aware of.

This saddest chapter in Scripture does however end on a note of hope as the Creator God clothes the fallen Adam and Eve. The sinful are clothed by the Sinless, the unrighteous clothed by the Righteous. A foretaste of what was to come.

Even as I shudder at the horror seen in the mirror of Genesis 3 I'm caught by a glimpse of the sovereign mercy of God. The rest of Scripture unpacks the glorious story of salvation as God accomplishes what He alone can in order to to make right what went so terribly wrong.

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Steve Spray said...

As you wrote, I am glad the chapter end on a note of hope.