Saturday, June 13, 2009

Divine Purposes & Wedding Celebrations

The chief end of marriage is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

A spin off of the old Catichism question, this phrase was used by a pastor-friend of mine during an intro to a marriage ceremony today. The phrase rings in my ears with a deeper truth having just attended the wonderful wedding of a good friend of mine and his new bride.

Magnificent love on display in a glorious array of affection. Such was the case at this marriage ceremony and the following celebration. So also it is the case with the glorious God who displays His magnificent love for His people in a brilliant array of affections. Marriage was designed by God, planned by Him before time to reveal His rich and super-splendorous glories. So it was this evening as the marriage of my friend and his bride did indeed reflect the divine love of Christ for His bride the church.

The evening of celebration following the ceremony was a delectable foretaste of that great and wonderful celebration recorded in the Scriptures; the marriage supper of the Lamb. How wonderful it was to rejoice with friends and family in the midst of this celebration. So also it will be amazingly wonderful to rejoice with that countless multitude of friends and family members in Christ on that inevitable and glorious day.

Congratulations bride and groom! May your marriage continue to display His multifaceted splendor.


Amanda said...

It was a lovely wedding, wasn't it?

Unbreakable Joy said...