Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hoping Through Storms

Clouds would hide thy shining light
From our weak and faded sight
Concern for a great many things
Weighs upon us, and to our knees it brings
Us to plead before thy throne
Thou who over all things alone are Sovereign

You oh Lord are good, this we trust
Though we still wallow here in this dust
Though this pain is ours to endure
We hope in Christ, whose glory is forever pure
Grant oh Lord Thy grace today
For without it we might fall and stray
Grant oh Lord that Thy strong hands
Would not loose Thy hold on us

Hide us under Your wings we pray
Shelter us in this storm today
You who rule from Your holy throne
Grant that we might not be alone
To bear this trouble on our own
Would you hear, and act by Your sovereign grace
To sustain your servants and to unleash
That glorious, life giving light from Your face

For light and glory are but now shades of gray
As we can only barely see through this darkened glass
Yet This we know, no matter how intense the fray;
You will never leave us. And this storm too shall pass.
For one day You’ll wipe away every tear
And one day we’ll have nothing left to fear
And we’ll gaze eternally upon Your throne
As You’ll ever remind us that we are never alone

- A. B. Seal

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