Monday, August 10, 2009

Alphabetical Exultation

Awesome is Your love for Your people
Beholding Your Breathtakingly Beauty is our eternal request
Continually we are overwhelmed with Your goodness and mercy
Devastating is Your wrath against sin and rebellion
Everlasting is Your glory
Forever we shall delight in Your eternal Faithfulness
Goodness fails to describe how wonderful You really are
Heartfelt gratitude fills Your people who rejoice in Your light
Irresistible is Your glorious grace
Jesus You are to us the treasure above all other treasures
King of Kings and Lord or Lords
Lavishly You pour out Your goodness upon us
Magnificent is Your grace to those who do not deserve it
Nothing do we desire besides You
One though Three, Omnipotent and Overflowing with majesty
Perfect in Power and Precious beyond the meaning of the word
Quintessentially the Way, the Truth, and the Life
Resplendent in Radiance
Superior in Splendor, Sovereign above all things
Teaming with life, creativity, kindness, and power
Unfading is Your eternal majesty, Unsurpassed is Your greatness
Victorious over sin and the grave
Willing to save sinners at the cost of Your Son
eXemplary in righteousness, eXhilarating in holiness
Yearning that we might eternally know You and enjoy You
Zealous for Your glory yet willing to share it with us forever


Steve Spray said...

Very well said. Thanks.

Michael said...

Q and X always seem to be the hardest for things like this. I guess you could have said He is the master Xylophone player, or something:) Great list!