Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Glory Unveiled

What more of His goodness may be seen
Than that which He has revealed
For He once clothed Himself with dust
And by so doing His glory unveiled

That His eternal robe of glory He would lay down,
That for a while he would take off His crown
And wear this flesh that we too wear
With muscles, skin, and teeth and hair

This is a treasured mystery
That He Himself a Man would be
That Eternal Glory would stoop so low
To be born of a woman and know
The frailties of this human flesh
To awaken to sunrises and to refresh
With the coolness of water from a well
And with us filthy sinners dwell

He who is eternally void of woe
Did volunteer to suffer so
That we from sin might be set free
To know Him & enjoy Him, now and for eternity

- A. B. Seal


Steve Spray said...

"And wear this flesh that we too wear"

Great line. Such a thing to ponder.

Unbreakable Joy said...

Thanks Steve.