Thursday, October 29, 2009

Combating God-lessness

Al Mohler recently wrote an interesting article about a retired episcopal bishop's statement that the battle is over regarding homosexuality and the church.

I must admit the article made my blood pressure soar to new heights as I considered the heretical positions of this "bishop" who is more an antichrist than a follower of Christ. I am constantly stunned at the level of depravity in our world. This is one more astonishing example of such. It makes me wonder what Luther or Calvin would have done in response to this prominent religious figure. I dare say they would have made the headlines with their intense reactions to the God-lessness of such a one who claims to serve God.

Though we live in an ever increasing God-less society, I am finding that there are still those among us who carry the banners of Luther and of Calvin, of Paul and ultimately of Jesus. I am grateful for the several people that I am aware of (no doubt there are many more as well) who are on the front lines and are pushing back with their entire weight against the flood waters of God-lessness in our day. May there be a great many more who will raise an intense opposition to the rampant wickedness that is overwhelming our country and our world.

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Mike said...

I saw that article also. What surprised me was that the bishop declared he was finished with the dialogue about the issue, as if the conversation was done. But, as Mohler mentioned, the conversation will continue, but without him in it. Could it be God's will that the bishop finally excused himself?!