Thursday, December 31, 2009

"Come there gain or loss"

For Me?

Lord Jesus, Redeemer,
Didst Thou die for me?
For me, Lord a sinner -
How could such love be?
O fairest Lord Jesus,
Didst thou suffer scorn?
For me, Lord, a sinner,
Wear a crown of thorn?

And were Thy hands wounded,
Wounded, Lord, for me?
Thy holy feet pierced
On the bitter Tree?
And, Lord, wast Thou thirsty,
Thirsty, Lord, for me?
O fairest Lord Jesus,
How could such love be?

O make my heart tender;
Pardon, pardon me,
That ever forgetful,
I have grieved Thee.
I would be Thy lover,
Taking up my cross,
Thy lover forever,
Come there gain or loss.

- Amy Carmichael, Mountain Breezes

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