Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pressing into the Kingdom

My daughter and I are reading though Little Pilgrim's Progress, an edited version of The Pilgrim's Progress for children.  Here is a portion of what we read today from chapter 10:

Outside the palace Christian saw a great crowd of men who looked as if they wanted to go in but were afraid to do so. Then he saw that some other men in armor were standing around the doorway. They had fierce, cruel faces, and the men who were outside dared not try to pass by them. A little way from the door a man was sitting at a table, with a book before him, in which he wrote the name of anyone who tried to get into the palace. Little Christian felt very much interested in all of this, and he hoped that one of the men would be brave enough to go into the palace while he was there.

"Why does not the King drive away the wicked soldiers?" he said. "He could drive them away, and then all those people could go into the palace."

"He could do it quite easily," replied the Interpreter, "but He wishes to see how many of the people really care about entering the palace. Those who love the King with all their hearts are not afraid of the soldiers. We can wait for a little while, and you will see someone go in."

So they sat down upon the grass, and little Christian watched the people. Presently a man came out from the crowd and went toward the table near the doorway. His name was written in the book, and then he put on his helmet and drew his sword and rushed in among the soldiers. He fought with them for a long time, and Christian thought he would be killed; but although he received many wounds, he got into the palace at last, and then all the people upon the roof began to sing:

"Come in, come in,
Eternal glory thou shalt win."

Little Christian smiled. "Does that mean we are not to be frightened, because the King will help us and take us safely into His City?"

"Yes," said the Interpreter.

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