Friday, January 22, 2010

Breaking Hearts

On a day not unlike today
did our high court rule and say
that the life of the unborn
was not a life and could be torn
away as if the child was a blob
of flesh, though his heart did throb

Tears of pain and guilt
rack the minds which were built
upon the premise of
choices now known as self-love

The alter here is very high
where the children often come to die
Who will speak in their defense
and who will pray to forgive the offense
before our just and righteous God
who gave these little ones, who now lay in sod

His is the heart that breaks each time
a child is thought not to mirror the divine
when eyes are formed and hearts do beat
with fingers on hands and with toes on feet
when little people living in small wombs
would lay uncovered in chilling rooms

Oh merciful and gracious Lord
would you forgive, would you afford
us this request before your throne
for this sin too would your blood atone
please forgive us Lord we plead
may you grant us Lord the grace to heed
your words of truth and life
and save us from more sacrifice
of unborn children Lord we pray
would you deliver us from this tragic way

- A. B. Seal