Saturday, January 2, 2010

Following Jesus

Can there be any other Christianity?
Can there be any other way?
To live and to die serving the lost among humanity
Or to simply exist for one more day

Can there be another way to follow Him?
Or is giving it all the only way?
You could choose temporal peace and security in which to wallow
But He has said, It is good that the servant, his master would follow

He has said, "Go"
And yet we still remain
He has said take up your cross
Disobeying His voice will prove quite insane

Would you, who say you follow Him
Rather ignore His command and stay
Exchanging His magnificent light for pleasures that at best are dim
Or would you give your everything for an opportunity to obey?

- A. B. Seal


Thelema said...
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Unbreakable Joy said...
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John said...

Poetry is hard to write. You're good at it. Keep it up.