Thursday, February 5, 2015

Too Blind To See

Simply too blind too see
thy loving kindness,
and all You'd like to show me.
For my eyes can barely open
and when they do, I see people walking
around that look a bit like trees.

Surely You could help me to see.
I've heard of Your grace,
Your mercy and majesty.
Yet I'm almost entirely blind here,
and cannot see Your face.
Neither can I see Your hands
which have given all of these gifts,
nor the glorious worth of Your commands,
for all I see in this dark place is pain and breaking
loss and tears and sorrow and overwhelming fears.

Yet I have heard Your words of life.
It seems I may see best with my ears,
for my eyes do not see so well.
Yet this life now full of years
a map can draw for those friends
who like me cannot see.
Directions to the course which leads to the end
promised by You, one which steers clear of hell,
and makes the blind to see
that You are the only true treasure,
though so often as hidden in a field.

All the while as we seek pleasure
our blindness to Your glory leads us to yield
to many things we would not touch;
if seeing clearly were our gift.
Yet blinded eyes lead foolish hands
to the rubbish which makes us sick.
Then sickened stomach places us back on course
to find that which truly satisfies,
that which never ever fades, nor spoils, nor dies.

May our blindness lead us to You.
And our gift of hunger to Your table.
Thank You for granting such gifts;
that we would never ask for,
and now would never trade.
For these have brought us here
to dwell in Your magnificent shade.

- A.B. Seal

(Originally posted on 02-28-10)

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