Saturday, March 27, 2010

Judgment & Mercy

"Let him without sin throw the first stone"
There remains an interesting thing to tell;
He was without sin, yet He knew His blood would atone
For her sin, and for ours as well

Caught in the act
Guilty and shamed
Deserving this punishment;
Angry mob with rocks readied and aimed

Yet it was He alone
Who could legally cast
The killing stone
Judgment trumped by mercy so vast

The judgmental crowd scattered
At His heart-piercing word
And it was not as if sin had not mattered
Yet it was His declaration of grace that was finally heard

He was the last to stand at her trial
Mercy triumphs over judgment in grace
And though her sin was so incredibly vile
Her darkness was vanquished by the light of His face

- A.B. Seal 
A meditation upon John 8:1-12

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