Friday, February 20, 2015

News From a Christian Worldview

Dr. Albert Mohler's The Briefing is an excellent resource for a wise perspective on current events throughout the U.S. and the World as seen from a Christian Worldview.

I have come to greatly appreciate Dr. Mohler's efforts in this regard for multiple reasons.  First it is a succinct and thought provoking response to current events.  Secondly Dr. Mohler is uniquely capable in his ability to apply the lens of Scripture to the vast array of issues that make headlines today. Lastly it is brief enough to regularly appreciate it's entirety.

So often the listening to or watching the news becomes nauseating.  This is a welcome and non-nauseating alternative. So rather than a cup of coffee and the morning news, I have a 5-hour energy drink and listen to The Briefing.

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