Wednesday, October 12, 2016

3 Gifts For You...

If I could give each of my children only 3 gifts; 
these would be identical to the gifts that 
I would give to my closest friends, 
and beloved family members alike.
These same gifts I would offer to a stranger.
Indeed these gifts I would hold out to an enemy.


First, I would give you Jesus.
Yet I cannot, for He alone gives the gift of Himself.
Yet I would tell you; Jesus is God (John 1:1, Col. 1:15).
He is the great treasure hidden in a field (Matt. 13:44).
Sooner or later you shall find that He is the King of Kings.
I pray that it may be sooner.


I would give you a thorough knowledge of the Bible.
The church throughout history has held that this 
book contains the very words of God himself.
That this book is the self-revelation of God.
Those who have been found by Christ, have
dearly loved the words found in this book.
Our Declaration of Independence
was literally birthed of it's ideology.
Many people have died simply
for possessing one.
Multitudes have suffered for it,
in various ways throughout history.
So powerful are it's messages, that some 
governments even today outlaw it.
Yet sadly often it sits unread
and dusty upon so many shelves.


I would give you the wisdom of a hunger to learn.
Countless inspiring and interesting people have lived and
innumerable books have been written either by them or about them.
History has devastatingly important lessons to teach us,
if only we are willing to sit at it's feet.
To peer into the past through literal pages 
as if through a lens. 

The unique thing about each of these gifts,
is that I cannot give any of them to you.
Yet you could have them if you desired.

The beginning of wisdom
is this; Get wisdom.
And whatever you get, 
get insight.
- Proverbs 4:7

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