Sunday, January 20, 2008

Andrew Peterson

One of Christianity's tremendously gifted song writers /musicians is Andrew Peterson. You can check out some videos of him as well as some of his writing on his blog.

Andrew Peterson has, by my account, probably the best Christmas album available: Behold the Lamb of God. This album is much more than a Christmas album. I listen to it all year long, and I have heard many others saying the very same thing.

Peterson is, like me, a huge fan of Rich Mullins. His love for Rich, and similar heart, comes out through his music. (If your interested, you can check out something that AP wrote about Rich in his blog.) There is even a reference to Rich in at least one of AP's songs which is entitled "Nothing to say" (an awesome song) from his "Carried Along" album.

AP has several other excellent albums as well. You can listen to samplings of most of Andrew Peterson's music here & here. If you have not become familiar with his music then you have simply missed out on a great blessing (something you don't have to continue to do).



mwh said...

I like the folk rock/bluegrass feel. Really refreshing.

Thanks for the tip!

cgl said...

I like the dulcimer on rise and shine. (at least I think it is a dulcimer)