Saturday, January 19, 2008

Beholding Him: Essential To Delighting In Him

The only reason that you have not seen His face
Is only because of His timely deliverance of grace
But if He would touch your eyes to see
Then from sin you couldn’t help but flee
To behold His glory and majesty
Is to have a new heart and to bend the knee

For all that your heart could hunger for
Is found only in Christ and here there is more
Than our feeble hearts could ever contain
His gift is Himself and He would maintain
That this life is simply not about you
It’s all about Him and here are some clues

There are Billions of people who live here on the earth
Of the expanse of the universe who can measure it’s girth
The depths of an atom and the light from the sun
Are but little examples of the work He has done
And yes there is more but I struggle for words
There are innumerable fish in the sea and great herds
Of divinely designed animals to see
These are but glimpse of His creativity

He has given you all of this and more
To teach you that He is, that you may adore
Him by all of the things that He has made
All so you may enjoy Him and delight in His shade

A.B. Seal

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