Saturday, February 2, 2008

Gone for a while

I'll be gone for a while, with my dad and a few guys from our church to the Desiring God conference. I've been blessed to have had the oportunity to have gone to this conference for the last several years. This trip is always a great time of encouragement and fellowship and has become a significant highlight of my year.

These annual conferences are the ones in which John Piper gives his biographical messages. In the past he has given messages on people like: William Tyndale, Charles Spurgeon, Adoniram Judson, John Paton, Martin Lloyd-Jones, George Mueller, and more. This year Piper will give a biographical message on his father, who passed away within the last year.

If there are opportunities to attend events in your life which may aid in your pursuit of God, then by all means endeavor to take advantage of such opportunities. Granted, we cannot always live upon the mountain top, but such mountain tops exist to at times be stood upon in order that one may take in the unusually panoramic view of life and of God.

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mwh said...

Enjoy yourself!

I always liked the biographies as well.