Thursday, February 21, 2008

Jennifer Knapp

Chances are, if you have listened to Christian radio for a while, you may have heard some music by Jennifer Knapp. She is a great musician/song writer. Check out some of her albums:

Click on the album covers to link to Amazon and listen to a few of her songs (scroll down towards the bottom of the Amazon page).


mwh said...

Thanks for sharing. We're always looking for new, good music.

Do you like Derek Webb? I love his track "The Church" on She Must and Shall Go Free.

"You cannot care for Me, with no regard for her. If you love Me, you will love the Church."

I was listening to this yesterday, so it's on my mind.

Amanda said...

We listened to her occasionally in college and I've seen her in concert a few times, too. She's opened for Jars of Clay (one of my faves). She has an interesting voice. :)

Unbreakable Joy said...

I just listened to that track by Webb, thanks for the suggestion. Good stuff.