Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Leading horses to water who simply are not thirsty...

Water is good for horses. Scripture is good for people. Giving Bibles to those who are not thirsty has been, at least in my experience as of late, frustrating. A relative who stows the life changing Word upon a neglected shelf and a co-worker who quickly hands the all-time-best-seller back to the giver. These are recent frustrations of mine. More opportunity, I suppose, to rely on God who alone makes people thirsty for the Living Waters.

During recent discussions with a friend about outreach I was reminded of the necessity of prayer. My thoughts turn to these verses: “My strength is made perfect in weakness” & “Unless the Lord builds the house the laborers labor in vain.”

And yet though farmers do not make seeds grow, they do sow them. It is God who alone makes dead things come alive. And yet He involves us greatly via the great commission. He sends us to go and share the good news as a farmers scattering seed upon a field. It is only God who gives the growth and then the harvest.

Reminders to pray and seek God’s blessing upon the seed that is sown... Otherwise we may come to rely upon ourselves, something overwhelmingly too easy for us to do.

The farmer knows something that the horse does not. The farmer is aware of the long journey ahead and the times and places without much water for the traveling horse. The farmer leads an ignorant horse to the streams of thirst-quenching water, yet the horse refuses to drink. You will be enabled to better endure the hard road ahead the farmer tells his horse as he tries to encourage him to drink. The horse knows not what the farmer is saying… and the horse has not yet learned to trust the farmer. The horse may learn eventually, but the lessons may be difficult and painful.

How horse-like we are…

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mwh said...

Well said.

...I don't like to think about how mule-like I am!