Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lion & Lamb

Power incarnate & meekness
Divinity with chosen weakness
All is shrouded in mystery
This is the One who has purposed all history

Lamb soft and white as snow
Mildness with gentleness
And grace none may completely know
Never feeble yet clothed in lowliness

Lion-like in majesty
Entirely powerful with complete authority
All will tremble before this One
And bow at the feet of Him whom salvation has done

We remain with unspeakable adoration and awe
As children who adore lambs newly born
Yet we resound with trembling and fear
To see the Lamb who lives though was torn
Shock and awe grip all who draw near
At His feet all will do naught but fall
A mixture of speechlessness and delight
None enter His eternal dwelling but by His call
All are breath-taken and more than overwhelmed in His light

King of beasts and
From the humblest of places in the east
That infinite combination
Of Majesty and humility
All power for creation and
Devastating love for those born of His creativity

Minds quickly overwhelmed
To behold such traits combined
To lay aside the helm
And all that is refined
To be born in a manger
First breaths taken among beasts
And to come as a stranger
To gather strangers to eternal feasts

Golden mane adorning powerful frame
Prince above princes and King above kings
And standing as the Lamb that was slain
The One who came not to be served, but to ransom all things

He is the Lion and the Lamb
He is the great and eternal “I AM”

- A. B. Seal

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