Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Son's Love For His Father

When once I played at my daddy’s knee
And his dear voice I did obey
When once we laughed and smiled with glee
And I would hear him say

My son I love you without condition
No matter what you do
I may not approve of your foolish ambitions
But I will always love you

When sons enjoy their dad’s embrace
And love with him to play
They’re always glad just to see dad’s face
And delight with him near to stay

When sons are raised by fathers who care
They’ll catch their daddy’s heart
Singing dad’s songs and breathing his air
From under dad’s wings they’ll only sadly part

A son’s love for his dad
Will cause him so to strive
To please and not to make him mad
And toward his dad’s target to drive

It is just so with the Son of God
The glorious Son of Man
Who walked obediently upon this sod
To heal our dieing land

This great One with His eyes of fire
In the garden did lay down His will
To please His Dad was His one desire
So He walked upon that Calvary hill

This great One with His hands outstretched
Did demonstrate His Father’s love
Grace and reconciliation He fetched
As He bore God’s wrath from above

His love for His Dad was so intense
That He would lovingly go to the cross
The punishment for our sins He did sense
And purchased our freedom at an infinite cost

Thank you God for giving us dads
And for sharing of Your great wealth
We are forever grateful You had
Not kept Your Son only to Yourself

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