Sunday, October 5, 2008

Analogies: Motorcycles & Christianity

It occurred to me that motorcycles do not have a reverse gear (well at least the overwhelming majority of them). Christians are to move forward towards God and not in reverse towards self, we are not to put our hand to the plow and then turn back.

While riding a motorcycle one has a difficult time looking backwards, although there are small rear view mirrors. This reflects the significant need for Christians to keep our focus forward on Christ, for what is behind us is unchangeable and under the blood of Christ.

The faster one travels the less one should be concerned about what is behind. During a Christian’s pursuit of God he or she may experience great times of growth and progress. It is especially necessary that during these times one is focused upon God and not the rear view mirrors, for to do otherwise may result in a significant and sudden de-acceleration.

The nature of motorcycles provides a fairly precarious position for the rider in that there is little to no protection, ie. seat belts, airbags, roll bars, etc. This reminds me of the precarious nature of walking through the valley of the shadow of death. The dangers of sin and temptation surround us continually and safely navigating requires great caution.

There is however safety equipment that one may take advantage of. Helmets and other safety gear may significantly increase safety. We need to use wisdom and the graces that God has provided which would provide a level of protection we would otherwise be foolish to travel without.

Many motorcycles have an intense ability to accelerate and to maintain high rates of speed. Because of the work of Christ, our engines have been tuned to be able to pursue Him at ever increasing rates. He beckons us to pursue Him, and on the race track of the Christian life there are no speed limits. Rather our limitations are due to our experience, boldness, courage to press on, and faith In Him. He leads us to Himself as fast as we are able and willing to go.

I’m reminded of another similarity between motorcycles and Christians. One day all motorcycles will find their way to the junk yard, and one day all Christians will return to the dust from which they were made. We may enjoy both our motorcycles and our loved ones, yet all will perish some day.

Oh, but there is One who will never perish who will never see decay. This is where the similarities between motorcycles and Christians cease. For on that great and final day our God will raise His people to be with Him and to enjoy Him forever. In the meanwhile all of mankind’s innovative creations and enjoyable means of transport and hobby will continue to decay. This will not, however, be reason to despair for His magnificent presence in the midst of His glorious new creation will not be lacking in any way. To be in the presence of the One who has spoken the universe into existence, the One who loves self-sacrificially and died in our place, the One who has never had a beginning and will never have an end – this will be all satisfying to all people for all eternity…

In case you were wondering this is my motorcycle. It's a 2003 Honda VFR Interceptor 800 with about 27,000 miles.


Dorothy said...

I like it, Ben! Its an interesting analogy.

mwh said...

One could add, there are a lot of road hazards for motorcycles, and such is true for the path of Christians as well. It's easy to fall off, lay over, or wreck a motorcycle (from my ignorant vantage point) as well, and such is a warning about falling away in the Christian life too.

Good post. Great pics.

lisatatj said...
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Tim said...

MWH is right go to slow and it becomes very difficult to keep from falling on a cycle. Hey next you should write on the analogies of the spiritual armor and the protective gear of a cyclist. just a thought, later bro

Unbreakable Joy said...


Great analogy.