Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Bold & Courageous Stand

The Manhattan Declaration

Many leaders from across the very broad spectrum of Christianity have joined in signing a bold statement against the moral decay which threatens to unravel the fabric of our society as we know it. The statement rings of a stouthearted courage in the face of opposition. It is a bold and thoughtful response to the following three culturally embattled issues of our day:

The Sanctity of Life
The Dignity of Marriage
Religious Liberty

My only regret regarding this document is that I have but one signature to sign it with. May the Manhattan Declaration serve as the line in the sand that it was intended to be. Thus far and no further. I would echo the call for those who follow Christ to read it and to sign it.

For more information check out Al Mohler's recent and helpful article entitled, "Why I signed the Manhattan Declaration."


Mike said...

The "read it" and "sign it" links give me an error. Just FYI...but it could just be me.

Unbreakable Joy said...

Thanks Mike. It appears that their website has been updated. I've corrected this.