Saturday, November 21, 2009

Governing Those Who Govern


The king's heart
is a stream of water
in the hand of the LORD;
He turns it wherever He will

- Proverbs 21:1

The kings of earth represent earthly sovereignty and rule as they please, yet even they who rule on earth are subject to the ultimate sovereignty of the Lord who rules in the affairs of men. The Lord directs the king’s heart wherever He pleases as easily as He directs rivers and causes them to flow where He wills.

He who is truly Sovereign sets up kings and governments and brings them down just as easily. He has purposes even in permitting the wicked to rule for a time. Therefore what have we to fear for even the wicked who govern have no authority over us except it has been given to them by Him who purposes all things according to the counsel of His will, to the praise of His glory.

Those who govern on earth are governed by Him who uses the earth as a footstool.

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