Thursday, January 21, 2010

Breakfast With Lewis

"Nature is mortal; we shall outlive her. When all the suns and nebulae have passed away, each one of you will still be alive. Nature is only the image, the symbol; but it is the symbol Scripture invites me to use. We are summoned to pass in through Nature, beyond her, into that splendour which she fitfully reflects."

"What would it be to taste at the fountainhead that stream of which even these lower reaches prove so intoxicating? Yet that, I believe, is what lies before us. The whole man is to drink joy from the fountain of joy."

- C.S. Lewis, The Weight of Glory

I read recently of a man doing his doctoral work on John Owen. He and his wife had been praying that the Lord would grant him a mentor to instruct him in Christ and to be used to mold him into the image of Christ. A short while thereafter this man was sharing with his wife of his learnings from Owen. She quickly pointed out the answer to their prayers; the Lord has arranged that John Owen is your mentor. That said, C.S. Lewis is currently mentoring me. What a wonder it is to have such abundant access to such incredible mentors via their preserved writings. I woke up this morning and had breakfast with Lewis. He spoke with me powerfully regarding The Weight of Glory.


Mike said...

So you're cheating on your first love, John Piper, then eh? lol

Unbreakable Joy said...

No. No. Piper continues to mentor me.

Happily I've just gained another mentor!